Lily and Laura Love September 23 2013

If there is one trend we never want to end, it is definitely everyone's love for Lily and Laura Bracelets! And what makes everyone love L&L Bracelets so much? Each bracelet is unique and one of a kind, because they are hand-made by women in Nepal. Not only are they unique, but beautiful, made from glass beads that are the trademark of Lily and Laura Bracelets. This foundation supports fair trade wages and wants to further the lives of families living in Nepal. 

At Lola B Boutique, we have a large selection of Lily and Laura Bracelets for our clients to choose from and they make the best happy for others or even yourself :) Stack them, single them, add them with all of the other arm candy you already wear. There is never a wrong way to wear a Lily and Laura Bracelet!  We love jewelry for a cause and by buying these bracelets, you are helping support these women and families in Nepal.