Transition Season: What to buy when it's still warm but you're ready for Fall/Winter Fashion! August 18 2013

It's only August, but as soon as the first day of the month hits, it's almost like we can't wait until Fall to rush out to buy those winter boots we've been researching all summer that we know will be THE thing of the season and a winter scarf for everyday of the week. But settle down ladies. Remember, it is only the BEGINNING of the season, a season that actually has not yet begun. It's only August, and it's still going to be warm for a while (at least it will be around here.. Good ol' Mississippi heat) Those new winter items are going to get comfortable in your closet for the time being. What's the best way to shop right now when summer is ending and Fall is going to be here soon? It's Transition Fashion Season, and for a reason. Right now at Lola B (and other clothing stores) we are having our Summer Sale. And you might wonder "what's the point of buying this when it's almost over?" But that's the thing, you can buy items now that are on sale because they were part of the Summer Catalog but still wear them deep into the Fall Season, and maybe even Winter! (And you'll be getting a discount on items that you'll be wearing now AND when the weather changes, which is AWESOME.) You've just have to know what to pair those items with! So while you are out shopping for the next season, take advantage of the deals going on right now and still buy all the Fall/Winter clothing and accessory items you already have in mind!

This Multi-Colored High Low is still a great dress for to buy right now because the weather is still so warm but when it starts to cool off, just add a denim jacket to this dress that already has all the color combos that's just right for the Fall season. 

No need to add a comment, the picture already tells you all! 

Snagging these shorts on sale are a steal and once the weather starts to cool off, just pair them with a fun pair of tights to create a whole new outfit that no one else will be wearing. 


All of these items are available to purchase online in our store, excluding the tights. Those delicious finds are available at the BZRshop on Etsy. We fell in love when we stumbled upon them!