Thanksgiving: Oh, I ate too much!! :-) November 12 2013

Lola B celebrates strong ladies! Sometimes we overindulge, don't exercise enough, or criticize our bodies. Women tend to focus on details, which makes us great planners. But it also means we can be too hard on ourselves, or ignore our general awesomeness because we are distracted by a flaw. This Thanksgiving, the Lola B ladies encourage all girls and women to strive for healthy lifestyles, take care of your bodies, and take a moment to give thanks for all the awesome things you and your body CAN do!! Pictured below are real, live people-- ladies we know.

They have overcome illness and cancer, they take care of families and their babies, and they set goals and meet or exceed them. They show appreciation for others, and today we want to show them some appreciation. Just for being themselves! Go ladies!!