Trend Talk June 16 2015

Summer 2015 has been full of trends that can fit anyone's personal style. All of these trends will continue into the Fall season. Add these trends in to your wardrobe in a way that fits your personal style! Lace, fringe, and bold prints are everywhere. Here are a few of Lola B's favorite from this summer!


The fringe detailing on the back of this simple blouse adds the perfect amount of flare. Fringe has been huge this summer, but in the fall, fringe is going to be even bigger. We will see it on skirts, jackets, pants, and tops!




One of the big hits this summer with lace has been bralettes. These bralettes go with almost any outfit, and they come in all different styles and colors!

Hats and Purses

Don't forget about sun hats and purses. These accessories are a must have. You can mix and match with any look whether it is a night on the town or a day on the beach. 

Bold Prints

Aztec and floral prints are super cute for any part of your wardrobe. They look good on dresses, shirts, rompers, or shorts. You can add this to your style in any way that's why we love this trend!

Thanksgiving: Oh, I ate too much!! :-) November 12 2013

Lola B celebrates strong ladies! Sometimes we overindulge, don't exercise enough, or criticize our bodies. Women tend to focus on details, which makes us great planners. But it also means we can be too hard on ourselves, or ignore our general awesomeness because we are distracted by a flaw. This Thanksgiving, the Lola B ladies encourage all girls and women to strive for healthy lifestyles, take care of your bodies, and take a moment to give thanks for all the awesome things you and your body CAN do!! Pictured below are real, live people-- ladies we know.

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Lily and Laura Love September 23 2013

If there is one trend we never want to end, it is definitely everyone's love for Lily and Laura Bracelets! And what makes everyone love L&L Bracelets so much? Each bracelet is unique and one of a kind, because they are hand-made by women in Nepal. Not only are they unique, but beautiful, made from glass beads that are the trademark of Lily and Laura Bracelets. This foundation supports fair trade wages and wants to further the lives of families living in Nepal.

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Open Model Casting Call 09/15/2013 September 06 2013

Lola B Boutique is looking for models ages 15-35!!

We need a variety of models for print ads, web based ads, and runway! If you are under 18, click here for the Model Consent form that must be signed by your guardian at Lola B Boutique in the presence of management.   Models are not paid, but depending on how often you work with us, you may receive employee discounts and gifts!  Models will get access to pictures on social media or on a cd. 


If interested, arrive at Lola B between noon and 3:00 pm. 

Transition Season: What to buy when it's still warm but you're ready for Fall/Winter Fashion! August 18 2013

It's only August, but as soon as the first day of the month hits, it's almost like we can't wait until Fall to rush out to buy those winter boots we've been researching all summer that we know will be THE thing of the season and a winter scarf for everyday of the week. But settle down ladies. Remember, it is only the BEGINNING of the season, a season that actually has not yet begun. It's only August, and it's still going to be warm for a while (at least it will be around here.. Good ol' Mississippi heat) Those new winter items are going to get comfortable in your closet for the time being. What's the best way to shop right now when summer is ending and Fall is going to be here soon? It's Transition Fashion Season, and for a reason.

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Mata Traders Jewelry at Lola B Boutique June 13 2013

It seems lately every time we post a blog, it's about the new jewelry we are carrying in store at Lola B Boutique. But we just can't help it! It's too exciting having a new style of jewelry when everyone knows how much accessories can add to and or even create an awesome outfit. This month, we've begun selling the Mata Traders lineX


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6:21 Treasures, Locally Made Jewelry Everyone is Falling in Love With <3 May 18 2013

 We're always trying to make sure we have the most up-to-date fashion accessories for all of our lovely Lola B Ladies, and with that in mind, we also want to make sure we can offer you fashionable, yet unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. We're so happy and proud to carry the locally made and ONE of a kind jewelry line, 6:21 Treasures, made by artist Cindi Pope.

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Prom Trends 2013 March 06 2013


This year, girls are picking black, multi-color, lots of high/low, and our favorite trend---ANYTHING GOES! 

Toms with a short dress, Short AND Long gowns for the same prom, and formal dresses with a bustle and cowgirl boots! 

Lola B ladies are really expressing their individual tastes in this year's prom choices.  What are your favorite Prom trends??